First Visit Examination
  1. 1.InterviewAsk what treatment is needed.
  2. 2.ExaminationTake X-ray's etc. and examine the mouth.
  3. 3.Emergency treatmentTreat severe pain immediately.
Treatment planning

Discuss treatment plan taking into consideration the patient’s oral health and background.

Second Visit Consulting
  1. 1.RecommendationIncluding the chief complaint, doctor will explain the condition of the mouth.
  2. 2.Explanation of method of treatmentExplain the possible methods of treatment.

Begin treatment according to schedule.


Complete treatment and explain after-care.

Follow-up Visit

We recommend that you to come for regular preventive check-ups before symptoms appear.

P.S. In this clinic, in order to make the list possible treatment plan, we need a photograph of your mouth, a cast of your teeth, X-ray's , etc.
The costs of making these will be either covered by insurance or free of charge.

Do you know who is guilty of making cavities?

Do you know who is guilty of making cavities?
The way to treat sickness is to remove the cause.
For example, if your stomach hurts because you have appendicitis, the doctor removes your appendix.
Then your appendix will never hurts again.
But, in dentistry, patients often have the same tooth fixed again and again.
Don't you think it's funny?
The patient has a cavity.
The dentist drills a hole and fills it up.
Is this really treating the sickness?
I don't think so.
So what happens when you go to the dentist.
He drills the hole and makes a filling.
Later, the bacteria eat around filling, so the filling falls out.
So you go to dentist again.
And he drills a bigger hole and makes another filling.
But the bacteria are still there.
So other cavities grow.
You go to dentist again and again.
Maybe he has to do a root canal.
But if he doesn't get rid of the bacteria, maybe your teeth abscess and maybe you will lose the tooth.
Then maybe you need a bridge.
Then the neighboring teeth get cavities.
And so on et cetera.
The way to treat cavities is to remove the bacteria from the scene.
The problem is, the bacteria that made the cavities.
So the solution is to remove the bacteria around the teeth to prevent the formation of cavities, in the first place.


The Philosophy of Murayama Dental Clinic

  1. 1.Aim to contribute to people's welfare through dental services.
  2. 2.Aim to create a workplace where the staffs feel the joy of serving people well and improving themselves.
  3. 3.Aim to contribute to the field of dental medicine by handing down the dental care concept of the Murayama Dental Clinic to the next generation of dental professions.


  1. 1.Consider dental services that help enhance people's beauty and improve their health. Accordingly, as premises of prevention, provide highly accurate level of dental care based on Evidence Based Medicine. Improve patients' convenience (needs, timing, costs).
  2. 2.Constantly improve an educational system for developing human resources.
  3. 3.Hand down the dental concepts of the Murayama Dental Clinic to the next generation by sharing information with staff members and dental professions.


Dental clinical training facility authorized from the Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare (No.060028)

Medical Juridical Person

8-5 Kamiihno,toyama-city,Japan

  • phone:076-451-8800
  • E-mail:tdp@murayama-dental.com

Train:Take the local Toyama train (Toyama chitetsu Honsen) to Higashi-shinjou station (Higashi-shinjyou). Walk northwest approximately 1km while referring to the map. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call.

From Toyama station
Take the bus [OR “Take bus number 76”] bound for Toyama Higashi High School (Toyama Higashi Koukou) via Kami-iino Apartments (Kami-iino Danchi) and the Saiseikai Hospital (Saiseikai Byouin). Get off at the stop for the Wholesale Center (Ton'ya Center or Ton'ya Center Guchi). Walk north approximately 300m.

From the vicinty of Toyama Higashi High SchoolTake the bus [OR “Take bus number 76”] bound for Toyama Station (Toyama Eki) via Nishi-cho (Nishi-machi). Get off at the stop for the Wholesale Center (Ton'ya Center or Ton'ya Center Guchi). Walk north approximately 300m.

医療法人社団 ムラヤマ歯科理事長 村山偉知朗


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